Do you really want to keep a turtle as a pet?

Hello, everyone! And how are you all doing? I had to steal my blog away from Shellbert. He is really such a blog hog! I thought that I had made this blog just for me, so I could share tips and whatnot?

Anyway, I thought I could give some pros and cons for anyone who may be thinking about buying a turtle for a pet. There are a lot of things to think about before you get one.

1) First, you have to think about how long they live. Depending on what kind of turtle you get, their life span can be anywhere from 20 to 60 years. You need to make sure that you are willing to take care of one for that long.

2)Second, are you willing to spend on all of the materials you need to keep your turtle happy? Just think, you have to buy the aquariu, the water filter, food, rocks, plants, water conditioner…..Yea, it’s a lot.

3) Third,you need to think about how big your turtle might end up. I’m already on my second tank with Shellbert and he is still growing. Usually, the bigger the tank the more it costs and they can be pretty expensive. However, you can find deals occasionally. And you also have to worry about where you are going to put the tank especially, if you keep buying larger tanks.

Hopefully if you might be thinking of getting a turtle as a pet, you can keep these suggestions in mind. I received Shellbert as a pet when I was younger and I didn’t know any of the things that I wrote here. I ‘m glad I have him now, but maybe if I would have reconsidered if I knew more at the time.


Shellbert’s Journal–Page 5!

December 8th, 2010

Okay, so I’ve been listening really hard to try and figure out what this Christmas thing is, and I think I’ve figured it out. I think it’s something that the humans call a Holiday. It’s just like that Thanksgiving thing when my human and her family ate and ate until they were ready to explode. Except this time you don’t give food, you give presents!

I am so relived that Christmas did not turn out to be another turtle. I’m sure I’m enough turtle for my human. So, for Christmas,humans give each other presents. And you aren’t supposed to care how many you get back as long as you make someone else happy.They all get together and spend time with each other .Isn’t that crazy? We turtles don’t do anything like that. We hang with each other all the time, so we don’t pick just one specific day to hand out our gifts.

Oh! Before I forget, I also found out what the lights and the tree is for. Apparently, they put the lights on the tree for decoration and then they put presents under the tree. Weird, right? I wouldn’t want my gifts under a tree, I would want them with me. They aren’t aloud  to open them until a certain day and that day is Christmas. Even though I finally found out what Christmas is, I still don’t see why they have a certain day to these things.

And another thing. They sing songs about Christmas. What the heck is figgy pudding? And why would they want a partridge in a pear tree? If I’m right, a partridge is a bird, so do the humans want birds for Christmas? Humans do so many things that confuse me and make me glad that I’m just a simple turtle.

Shellbert’s Journal–Page 4!

December 7th, 2010
So I learned a little about Thanksgiving a while ago, and now I keep hearing talk of Christmas. What is this Christmas?It sounds kinda special, but I can’t put my claw on what it is.

Every-time someone walked into the room they said something like, ” I can’t wait until Christmas!” or” Christmas is going to take forever to get here!” or “Christmas is the best ever!”

Is it a person?Is it a thing? Or maybe you can eat it? Christmas does sound like the name of something tasty. I wonder, why do the humans want it to come so bad? I think I’ve decided I don’t care what it is, I’m content in my tank all by myself and thinking my own little turtley thoughts.


I think I found out what Christmas is! I saw the humans carrying around lights and little balls to put on a tree. Imagine! A tree on the inside instead of outside. Can you believe that? It seems really weird, but then I hear the smallest human boy say that when Christmas gets here, they’ll get presents. I still think Christmas is a person. I hope that whoever they are, they will bring me some presents as well.

But what is the tree for? Maybe this Christmas person is from a place where they have a of if trees and my human and her family want to make them feel welcomed?

Or maybe this Christmas person eats trees? I wouldn’t recommend they do that. I’ve tread to nibble on a leaf before and it was not too tasty in my opinion.

Oh no. I just had a horrible thought. What if Christmas is another turtle? What if my human thinks that Christmas would be a good present for me ? And they want to put the lights around my tank and put the balls in my water to make Christmas feel more at home?

Wait. What would the tree be for then? I don’t know if I like this Christmas thing. The humans are all excited about it, but I don’t know if I should be. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what it really is. I really hope it’s something to eat.

Shellbert’s Journal–page 3!

Ready for more of my journal? This is about what I did on Thanksgiving.

December 6th, 2010

This morning when I woke up I smelled something new and tasty. I didn’t know what it was, but I was hoping it would be something for me. I’ve been a good turtle, so I deserve a treat, right? I had been a good turtle, so I thought  I deserved a treat.

It turns out that the delicious smell was my humans mom cooking in the kitchen. One by one my humans little brothers marched out of the room and strolled back in carrying plates piled with food. I learned that the flat pink stuff was called ham, the stringy yellow stuff was called mac n cheese, the mushy looking orange things were called sweet potatoes, and that the round green balls where called peas.

I had  swam up to my tank to get a better look. That stuff looked way better than what my human feeds me! I think she’s been holding out on me. All I get are my turtle pellets, which are tasty and nutritious, but I wanted to eat what the humans where eating. I just wanted a nibble.

After a while, it was kind of obvious that the human boys were not going to give me a little taste of their food,so I decided to bask on my rocks.

I had just closed my eyes and begun to relax, when my the top of my tank got lifted. I was really agitated, because someone was ruining my “me time” . It couldn’t be time for me to get me tank cleaned out, my human had just done it the day before.  Soon, some green and white bits fell from the sky. I slid off of my rock and into the water to see what was dropped into my tank and was filled with joy.  My human gave me sliced up grapes and apples!

As I was munching on them, I heard my human tell her brothers ‘Happy Thanksgiving’   and they said the same back to her. It seems to me that this ‘Thanksgiving’ day is a holiday of some sort. At the moment, I was really thankful for the goodies my human gave me.


Turtle Fun Facts! ^.^

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been able to write much lately. My human was home more than usual, so I couldn’ t escape. Every time I turned around she was there like some paparazzi. Now that she’s back at school I finally get the chance to post some new stuff. I’m still going to post more pages of my journal, but I wanted to share some facts about turtles. Doesn’t that sound interesting? I love to learn stuff about my species, don’t you?

1)Not all turtles hibernate.

(I’m glad I don’t have to. I would never be able to sleep with all of the noise that goes on around here.)

2)Aquatic turtles(like me!) have to be in the water when they eat.

3)Some turtles can live up to a year without food.

(I don’t know I want to try that. I’m glad my human and her brother feed me, so hopefully I wont have to find out.)

4)Some land turtles can outrun humans.

(I’m pretty fast myself even though I’m an aquatic turtle. One day my human let me walk around outside and I ran so fast she almost didn’t even see me dive into some bushes!)

5)Many turtle climb really well.

(I love to climb!  I wish my human would give me more rocks to do so. )

Now, how about a little more info of what I am–A Red Eared Slider!

1) We get our name from the slender red stripe on the side of our heads.

2)We are omnivores, meaning we eat both meat and veggies.

3)We can’t breathe underwater, we need air too!

4)We can live up to 30 to 50 years.

Did you learn anything? I hope you did. Maybe one of you can leave a comment with some facts about humans? I don’t get a lot of things they do.

Shellbert’s Journal, Page 2

November 17th,2010
Because my last exploring trip was cut kind of short, I decided to stay in my tank. That doesn’t mean I didn’t fave fun though! I invited some animals over to hang. When the two human boys went to school and the human mother went off to work I called to whoever was outside of the open window. Humans aren’t very smart. One of them had left a window halfway closed like they thought nobody could squeeze through. They were wrong. A squirrel, a small red bird, tow crickets heard my call and they came through the window to be with me. I’m glad I stayed inside my tank, because that bird looked like it wanted to peck at me! They all crawled in and sat on the window sill.

I found out that the bird was a cardinal named Chirpy.Then I introduced myself to the rest of the critters and found out that the squirrel was called  Fuzz and the crickets were twins named Leo and Lonnie. Leo and Lonnie were smart enough to stay away from my tank, because if they happened to fall in I might have made a snack of them. We Red eared sliders love crunching on crickets.

They all told me they were luckier than me because they were free to do what hey waned when they wanted. “I can fly around and feel the wind beneath my wings and when I’m tired, any tree can be my bed.” Chirpy the cardinal said smugly.

“And when I store my nuts for the winter, I can eat them any time I want. I don’t have to wait for some human.” Fuzz the squirrel said , twitching his ears.

“We can make all the noise we want and jump around in the grass with our friends.” Leo and Lonnie cricket said, making creaky noises.

“You’re all wrong,” I told them as I climbed onto my basking rock,  “I don’t have to worry about fending for myself. My human feeds me and protects me. She changes my water and gives me treats that I normally can’ t get for myself.I feel sorry for you”

All of them left mumbling to themselves and promising they would come back. I don’t know if I want them to if they think they’re better than me. I’ll just have to show them. I hear footsteps, the humans must be back, so that means I have to go!

Shellbert’s Journal, Page 1

I’m back! My human thought she was going to get control over her blog back, but she’s not! Would you really want to read the boring stuff she writes anyway? I wouldn’t, I’m much more entertaining! I do more exciting stuff then she does  and I’ve actually decided to keep it all in a journal. I will let you all into my secret life, you just have to promise you wont let my human read this! It will be filled with all of the things that many of us turtles do when our humans aren’t around. Maybe when I’m done, I’ll turn it into a book and make millions! If I do, I might just give my human some of my money. Maybe. Down below is the first page of my journal, don’t forget to comment!

November 16th, 2010

This is the time I went exploring in my humans kitchen:

The first thing I do is wait for my human and her brothers to leave. Since she lives on campus and her school doesn’t allow turtles in the rooms, I’m stuck here in the room with her brothers. They are so loud , they interrupt me whenever I’m trying to take my naps. They are so rude.

After they all leave, I climb on top of my basking rocks and then I push the top of my tank off with my neck. I strech it as high as I can and then the top pops off!

I hoist myslef over my tank with my super long claws and then I land in a pile of dirt clothes that are always lying around. I bet you didn’t know this, but we turtles are kinda fast when we have to be. This was a time when I had to be fast, because I don’t know when the humans will return.

There’s so much to explore! I scramble into the kitchen  I know that this is where my human keeps all the grapes and apples that she gives me for treats, and I hope that I can find some laying out. No such luck. Even if I did find some, everything is way too high! It’s obvious that this kitchen was not made for  a turtle. As I turn to leave, I hear a whirring sound, like water being splashed around and I run away fast! What could that noise be? Some machine that comes after turtles? Then I hear some keys jingling at the door. How long has it been?  It only felt like a couple of minutes.

I hurriedly climb onto the pile of dirty clothes on my tank, and then the dresser. It’s kinda slippery here, I need more friction. Then I climb up onto a higher ledge of the dresser and do a swan dive back into my tank, just as one of my human’s brothers walks into the room.

I think I’m in the clear, but then I notice that I never put the lid back on my tank. Oh no! Then luckily, one of the brothers puts the lid back on without saying a thing. Does he know that I went exploring?

Then I hear a lady’s voice say, “Cj! Come empty the dish washer!” Then the boy trudges off to the kitchen. Was that the thing that made the noise earlier? I don’t know, but I’ll never go back in there again!

Melted Water Heater?

So I decided to take back my blog from Shellbert, who has been such a hog a lately. I want to do a quick post to share something that I’ve learned that many people might already know. It’s about water heaters. I had bought one a while ago and it worked just fine.  One day while I was cleaning out Shellbert’s tank I noticed a the smell of burning rubber and when I took the heater out of the water(after I unplugged it of course), I saw that one of the plastic hooks that helps keep the heater in place was burned bad. It also made the water sizzle, which really confused me. Imagine if I had put Shellbert back  in the tank without checking first! I might have had a horribly singed turtle, or worse! Thankfully, that’s not the case.  I was able to  take the heater to the pet store I normally go to and they told me that I had the the hook down too far on the heater. They said that  there was probably water trapped between the heater and the hook, and that was what probably made the hook burn and the water sizzle.The hooks are supposed to stay at the top of the heater.  I actually have pics to share, but I’m writing this from my dorm and don’t have them with me, but I will share once I can. So, what did we learn? That the hooks stay at the top of the heater, never lower. Has anyone ese ever had water heater problems? Make sure to let me know! I love hearing from you a

Thanks for reading and make sure to come back for more!

Inside my human’s tote bag

While basking on my rock today, I heard something fall over. It actually sounded as if many things were rolling around on the ground. I sighed and slid off my rock and into the cool water to see if I could spot what had fallen and made the sound that ruined what I like to call “Shellbert’s quiet time.” It’s the time when my human stops goggling me and  stops trying to take pictures of  me with her little black rectangular box. I mean, what does she think I’m going to do, flips? So, anyway, when I slid into the water and scooted up to the side of my tank, I found what had fell. It was her bag and all of her little goodies had spilled out and where laying all over the floor. This is what I saw:

Memories trapped in her rectangular box, I think it’s called a camera,
Small , red, cinnamon flavored mints encased in an Altoid can to freshen her breath,
Keys held together by two key rings that clank around,
The subtle smell of freesia  trapped inside a bottle,
A teeny, purple, little square that contains her favorite music
A small, peach  colored jar of lotion to moisten her dry human hands,
A tiny bottle of laundry detergent to make her clothes smell like a summer breeze,
White out to correct her mistakes that can’t be erased,
Pens and pencils to jot down important things,
Spare lead and erasers for mechanical pencils,
A wallet full of money, ID’s, and pictures of her family, why isn’t my face in there?
Used tissue bunched together, that were  hiding at the bottom of the bag,
Coconut cookie bars from a recent trip to the dollar store, wrapped up in a paper towel
An agenda to help keep track of her busy schedule,
A  thick book to help keep her  occupied if bored,
And a colorful, medium sized bag that holds mascara and lip gloss.

Boy, it’s a mess in there!  I wonder if all humans are so unorganized? It makes me glad that I have everything that I need right here in my tank.

Tasty Turtle Treats–Apples!

Another treat I like to nibble on is apples! They are so sweat and crunchy!My human peels the skin off of them and slices them up so I can snap them up. Sometimes I chase them around my tank, that’s fun to do. I’ve been being a good turtle, so hopefully my human will drop a couple in. I think I deserve them!

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